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About Us is designed for the pediatric primary care provider and team. Content includes clinical pearls that are accessible to all site visitors. And our web-based software streamlines the administration and scoring of psychiatric symptom rating scales; automates the integrated care tracking process; and provides evidence-based clinical decision-making support. Our creator and Senior Editor is Sarah Y. Vinson, M.D., a Harvard Trained Board-Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Co-Editor of the text Pediatric Mental Health for Primary Care Providers and an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics. She has experience providing care within and consulting to numerous primary care pediatric practices. Inspired by the potential of leveraging technology to better support integrated care efforts, the team created it with the ultimate goal of increasing early identification and access to mental healthcare for children and adolescents.

Our Approach

Everything about is informed by the experiences and needs of pediatric primary care provider teams. We use technology to streamline core integrated care components such as patient tracking and measurement-based care/the use of psychiatric symptom rating scales - saving you valuable time. No more dissemination and scoring of rating scales by hand. We send it right to the source, patient, caregiver/parent, even teachers, electronically. Scoring is automated, as is integration into a patient tracking chart in your portal.  Our web-based format increases ease of access, all while keeping patient information in a HIPAA compliant practice portal. We are well aware, however, that a scale score is just the beginning. Through our clinical decision-making support tool, we help you with what comes next. Our software provides decision-making support tools for key clinical considerations after a scale or screen result raises a mental health concern. 

Our Mission

The mission is simple – To help your practice help children and families by providing efficient, evidence-based integrated care. We provide clinically-relevant information, make measurement based care more efficient, and develop and regularly update decision-making support tools. We recognize that pediatric primary care providers are on the front lines of mental health promotion and mental illness detection and intervention. New approaches to addressing mental illness, which impacts 1/5 youth and has significant associated co-morbidity, are required given current gaps between need and care. Integrated care brings mental health interventions to the clinical settings where children and families already go and where their most trusted clinicians care for them. We respect the contributions of primary care practices to children mental health and strive to support them in their efforts to support the healthy emotional, intellectual and social functioning of all children and adolescents.